Friday, August 28, 2009

Good Ole Cherry

Good Ole Cherry Blog! She went and tagged me with the above 'award'. I like a good tag as much as the next guy (and i'll always accept an award!). Tag games are the main games we play with my 1st graders at school. 'Tag, you're it' is just a funny saying all around. So, with that, here's what the 'honesty scrap' tag/award means:

I share 10 true things about myself.
pass the 'award' on to 10 other bloggers.
let them know about it.
they link back to you when accepted.

I'm a little embarrassed to say, I've been tagged a few times before, and I had to go back to look at those lists to make sure I don't repeat myself. Strange. How many true things can I possibly think of that are remotely interesting to anyone but me? ha!

Well, here I go...
  1. I have a big sweet tooth. Once I start on the sweets, I have a hard time stopping. So, I tend not to go there as often as I'd like (but when I do, boy.....)
  2. I always thought I'd have a lot of kiddlies.
  3. I'd looooove to have a talk show. In fact, I'd like to replace this local guy, Josh Kornbluth*, ASAP.
  4. I'm a sucker for 'one man's junk' (as in: 'one man's junk is another man's treasure'). To me, flea markets are a perfect day spent.
  5. According to all the astrological books, my lucky number is 7. But, this summer, after a great conversation with the coat check guy at the Whitney, I was talked into switching my lucky number to 8.
  6. In our family, we grew up with VW vans. I learned to drive in one. As an adult, I've always wanted to live life as a VW van owner.
  7. I like to talk to strangers: neighbors I haven't met yet, vendors, waitresses, construction workers, ticket booth people, you name it. I've gotten into major conversations with people and had life changing experiences all from engaging with the unknown.
  8. Being bi-coastal is a bit of a dream: 6 months in California & 6 months in NYC.
  9. I love sunny, hot, humid weather. I work better in that kind of heat. I feel more creative. And I wouldn't get bored if it were sunny every day. I hate when people say I would.
  10. I laugh at this website harder than most things. To the point of tears. (each word, a link)
Tagged folks, fellow bloggers, if you're feeling it, get into it:
  1. Deb,
  2. Molly,
  3. Elizabeth,
  4. Lotta,
  5. Christine,
  6. Lucky Luke,
  7. Tim Foil,
  8. Ellen,
  9. Jon,
  10. Kaari

*josh kornbluth show: off the air! i've suffered through reruns thinking they were current! phew! need a new host ????


Bonbon Oiseau said...

duuude, 1.
thansk for tagging may take a few weeks until i figure it out. 2. #8 is my lucky number too. good job switching! 3. i am in th emarket for realz on a good westfalia which we both decided would have made our trip in montana/wyoming different. 4. i'm with you on #8. me too fu penguin. so hard it hurts.
i love this post and thanks for the tag! dang!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the tag! I'm with you on the bi-coastal dream. So there is one true thing for me! Now to think of 9 more... :)