Wednesday, August 12, 2009

you say lemon, i say...

Never before has work been so disposable. No longer do we have careers like our parents, but we have jobs. Some last for a year or two, sometimes you're in the same field for 10 years. You probably have a few diplomas behind you, as well. But, when it comes to a crashing economy nobody gives a hoot about your framed diplomas.

This whole "bad economy" thing came looming into our employed faces when a number of months ago, and totally out of the blue, our friend lost his job in advertising. Turns out these companies feel they can do more with less and out comes the hatchet. It was a strange shock to see someone go from comfortable in their way of very, very uncomfortable.

And then, renewed! He's found a new life in the wake of destruction.

I'm sure there were days, in the 50 years of working full-time, that my dad said to himself, "if i could do anything i want, i'd be a.... i'd start a..... " I remember meeting all the different artists my parent's repped and thinking to myself: you can do that for a living?! Now days, it seems that's the eternal goal: Doing what you'd always dreamed of. And yet, there's a lot of people that get into seemingly innocuous corporate jobs that slowly crush their spirits, all the while they're saying to themselves: if.......i....could.....just......get......out..... and then they get fired, and then it's a crushing blow, and then they take the bull by the horns, and then they do what they were always meant to do, but always told themselves they couldn't.

I'm genuinely impressed by people that make it happen. Whatever IT happens to be for them. Turns out, there is a niche for all of us.


la pianista said...

OMG, that was such a moving piece of video *sniff*. I think we've all been there and can relate to that in some real way. I know that I won't be the only one who notices how happy they are when they are telling you who 'they are' today.

'Very sweet dedication too.

Majimo said...

Hey there,

Found your blog through some other blogs and I found it very interesting so I have RSS-ed you.

Thanks for the clip really inspiring. Resounds well with a belief of mine which goes "When life throws lemon at you, you make lemonade!"


Maggie May said...

love it. and love people 'making it happen'. it IS so inspiring.