Monday, April 6, 2009

what's in a number?

translation: happy birthday molly. we all love you. we think you write very very good.

Age is a funny thing. In particular, I don't feel like the one assigned to me today AT ALL!

On Friday, we early-celebrated my birthday at school. Little kids are the best to celebrate with 'cuz every single thing is exciting. The fact that it's your birthday, the fact that it's a Friday, the fact that the chocolate cake is real, true chocolate and not a substitute because the one kid with allergies is absent that day, the fact that there's lemonade and apple juice, the fact that there will be "seconds", the fact that they get to sing 'happy birthday' for the third time that day and no one is stopping them from singing it loud and proud.

And it was a total coincidence that Q. happened to wear his hat that day. It was his 'everyday' hat that he'd made the night before, without being cognizant of my b'day. So, imagine the excitement when it turned out his hat ("miss molly, miss molly, miss molly! it could be a friday-hat, it could be a fun-hat, it could be a springtime-hat, it could even be your birthday hat today!...") was perfect timing for miss molly's big day.
Another great surprise when N. finished his language arts work early and I told him to write me a joke. This is what he came up with (i love how he's labeled it 'Riddle', so you know what you're getting into):
how can you make a tissue dance?

you put a little boogie in it.

While I was cracking up at N.'s joke, one of the other little boys, T. (that seems to be in constant competition with N.), came up to me and asked what the joke was. I told him and he looked at me, totally deadpan, and said, "i think i told him that joke."
Which made the joke even better.


AnnaVallance said...

Sounds like you had fun.
Happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOLLY!!!! Cute picture! Love, Mom

Christina said...

i love miss molly's birthday! happy birthday lady so glad i got to enjoy some if it with you. yay for getting older! and that's an awesome joke.

Molly said...

I'm a day or two behind but Happy Birthday! Your class sounds delightful :)

comfies said...

oh man i missed your birthday! boogers. well i love you, mol. happy belated birthday...

and i love this post.

Kaari Marie said...

Happy Happy Molly!! Sorry we didn't connect yesterday - but wishing you the best year of all!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

sounds like an AWESOME way to spend an early birthday! we are very colse on the aries richter scale eh? i am on the 4th! when is yours missy? happy birthday week! month! and many more!

apoorva said...

Hahah, this sounds so amazing! I love kids so much.