Thursday, April 9, 2009

let's go back to the beginning

Oh, Mr. CK, you and I would have a really fantastic, really long, looooooong conversation about all of this. I have this same, exact feeling every day!

And then, I must say, every once in awhile, I'm going along, and I think, 'why yes, this should work the way my techie RK said it would work...and why isn't it working? and why is it taking so long? and what the heck? why did i buy into this technology in the first place?!'

But, mostly, I agree with Mr. CK. You're totally right, Sir, "everything's amazing and nobody's happy."


apoorva said...

Your comments made my day several times over. Everything's amazing and I'm happy(ish).

Ellen Zachos said...

I think Louis C.K. and I grew up at the same time. I remember learning how to dial a rotary phone by clicking the buttons really fast (so you could dial a locked phone). Anyway, when I saw that picture of Shandiz my heart skipped a beat. Before we had our house, M and I used to spend a few weeks there each summer. Heaven. The marmalade is in the mail.