Sunday, April 12, 2009

hold on to me

Back to work on Monday.
Though, for just a moment, I've got to give it up for Spring Break. What a much, much needed break we get here at the beginning of the end. Whether I relaxed, or worked, or didn't do either, it has suddenly become very clear to me that I just took a week-long break from the day in, day out of my little job.

We have some ridiculous short amount of days left of school: 42, maybe? It seems so strange to think of it that way. It would appear as if this countdown is to keep teacher's sanity, and it sorta sounds like an addicts road to recovery: 'we've gone through 113 days of school and have 42 days left' , but it's treated more like a math problem, 'okay, we've moved 100 straws into this pocket, so that leaves us with how many straws left? Yup! that's how many days of school we've got left!'

Strange to me. A new way of looking at work, or life, really. I don't know many people that have a timeline on their work. Our job is literally year to year. Every year is different. Different kids, different parents, different issues, different teachers, different study plans, different personal fulfillments... all of it, next year, will be totally different.

I'm laughing to myself right now because I just realized I typed into google: what takes 42 days? So says google: it takes 42 days to unlearn a habit or learn a new one; a suspected "terrorist" can be held for 42 days without charge; after your blood is drawn, the red blood cells must be used in 42 days.

Life, liberty and happiness--in the reverse order there.

For now, I'm just going back to work.



lotta said...

I am glad you enjoyed your break. As always I delight in your writings about your job. My two sons journeys through public school has made me appreciate and respect everything that teachers do. Nothing is more valuable for a child (and therefor the whole family) than a great teacher. Thank you!

kira said...

this post is like, flawless.

love that last google analysis! (omg GOOGLE ANALYTICS. get it??)

my sister was a 5th grade teacher, she loved that it was a constantly changing job, at least that way you can never really get bored. (my major career fear)

billy girl said...

my dad was a math teacher, he too would appreciate the numbers game. my mom, the english teacher, and she'd love the job scenario. me, well, a student i suppose, and love it all. either way, great prose Mol, happy back to work . . . it's almost summer! xo can't wait to sun it up with you!