Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sixth thought

I was recently tagged by a cool little blog I'd never heard of before...man, I love this internet thingie, it really makes the world a smaller place!
Brinja, said blog writer, is a shop owner in Copenhagen (where I have always wanted to visit)! She tagged me with a job to do. It went along the lines of writing about the 'sixth picture in the sixth picture folder' way... but, I don't keep picture folders, so I had to improvise. I went to my iphoto, um, 'area' and clicked on the sixth 'event' category and then clicked on the sixth photo in that section. And, this is what I got:Funny for two reasons. The photo that Brinja, my tagger, posted was also a portrait of herself. The other reason is that I use this photo everyday: it's my 'blogger' profile photo.

This is a detail of a painting my brother John did. {My brother is a ridiculously fantastic painter who I've wanted to highlight for ages. And this probably sets that idea in motion, finally.} The complete image has my sister, Lisa, and me in the back seat of a car. It was painted from a photograph my mom took (or maybe my other sister took?) on the weekend that just the girls came to visit SF. It was an awesome weekend, my mom, two sisters and me (RK popping up occasionally to see if he could get us anything...). We did the junk shops, fabric stores, and general eating til we were full. My mom brought a box of old photos she'd bought at an estate sale and we spent countless hours trolling through them under the dim, warm lights in the apartment, putting together full life stories for this person. A classic weekend all around.

This photo reminds me, I need another girls weekend.


Anonymous said...

That was a great weekend! Mom

Nicki's Notebook said...

What a great painting! Hope u post more of your brothers work for us to see! xx

Kaari Marie said...

I'm just saying!!!!