Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sometimes I really miss NYC

Danica is in NYC right now and posting most every day about all the wonderful things she's experiencing and seeing and loving. I'm fairly green with envy.
The first couple of years here in SF, I didn't really think about missing new york. In fact, I was so taken with the beauty of northern california and the proximity to trees, nature, real parks with grass (you might see a "park" listed on a map in nyc, and then get there and realize it's actually a small square of cement with a tree planted in the middle. we consider those "parks" there) that I didn't think I missed it. But, the fact is, when the little things like usable public transportation or a real winter with big ole snowflakes come to mind...well, for me, its NYC every time. And then, the other day I was on this website and it made me wish I was there all over again.

Unassailable Logic: A NYC Short Story

Conductor: Ladies and gentlemen, our train cannot proceed because of the passenger on the tracks.
Young dude on the train: If he is on the tracks, he is not a passenger. Let's go!

--Overheard by: Julia on the N train

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Ellen Zachos said...

So come back!

Here's one overheard by my friend John:

Mise en scene: Waiting room at Montefiore Medical
Clinic, Bronx NY

Dramatis Personae:
1. Jamaican Woman in wheelchair
2. African-American church lady

The scene begins in media res as JW recounts her troubles to AACL

JW: And then, this morning, van come to bring I. The driver don't know where him going.

AACL: Uh-huh

JW: Him talking on phone. Me tell he him not supposed to talk on the phone while him drive the van. Him
curse me and say Go back to Jamaica!

AACL: Humph!

JW: Like him not from Puerto Rico!

AACL: Puerto Rico.

JW: Me tell him, get off the phone with your wife. Him say, it not woman he talk to. I say you talk to
man like that? What, are you faggot?

AACL: Faggot.

JW: Him call me psycho in Spanish

AACL: Psycho.

JW: Me tell him not to fuss with patient, Him not know what me treat for. Could be cannabilism. Me leave him nothing but skin and bones.

AACL: Skin and bones.