Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A certain Angela Kohler (who I'm convinced I went to school with even though I can't, for the life of me, place her) sent me an email the other day.  And with it, she sent this video, made by her and her b.f., Ithyle Griffiths and a juicy band called A Fine Frenzy, which left me in tears...

and sure, maybe the Angela Kohler from my fantasy high school days would know enough about me to know she could make me cry with just a mere "2 minutes and 11 seconds" of absolute brilliance (note the scissors and the keys or the whale that crosses over as she smiles, the boat, the little boat, her hair that sprouts a tree).  Or, maybe the Angela Kohler of my fantasy 5th grade birthday party didn't even know I would cry, but just remembered that I always really liked stop motion film because we used to make little stop motion films of our barbies traipsing thru the weeds of the neighbors' yard (Mr. B didn't want to have to maintain his little patch of land next to his driveway.  Somewhere along the way, when we were kids, he threw out his lawn mower and had his yard declared a national wildlife habitat which allowed him to grow his weeds as tall as he wanted!  It was a haven for us kids on the cul-de-sac...).  Whatever the reason, and even though I'm not on Facebook, this Angela Kohler of my fantasy middle-school-best-friend-days got in touch with me.

And, man, once you watch this short film (and when you watch it again and again, in full screen, mind you, with volume at 11), you'll see why I'm SO glad she did. 

Presenting......Lost Things:

dear angela, we didn't actually go to school together..i don't think...but like a face is to some, a name is to others...on this particular occasion, yours was thus.

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