Thursday, March 4, 2010

hello doily!

My sister has introduced me to doilies.  I was never a fan of this funny little piece of fabric.  But I've grown to appreciate them in the same way we appreciated a hand-stitched, repaired hole on a great old piece of linen, a nightie, a sheet.  I saw the beauty in that immediately.  My sister introduced me to that concept, as well.

When I found these little doilies at SCRAP the other day, I snatched 'em right up and instantly saw the word 'believe' or 'you can' hand-stitched in the fabric a' la Joetta Maue, whos work blows my mind.

Whenever my sister or mom go digging, they always seem to find all these juicy things that I love.  At any junk sale, they're "appreciators" for me bringing home another great set of old drinking glasses or a juicy book of photos.

So I sent the doilies to my sister, the original lover & collecter of these funny little furniture protectors.  For now, I'm just the hunter, gatherer on this one.


Anonymous said...

Good eye, Mol!!! Mom

Ellen Zachos said...

Now it works!

Cathy said...

For the past year or so I have been gathering random doilies and bits of crocheting, at estate and yard sales. Have no idea what I am going to do with them but I can't bare to pass them up and the idea that someones hard work will be tossed in the trash is too much for me.
Beauty is Beauty.