Wednesday, January 11, 2023

The Power Of the People in our lives

This year, this month, marks 10 years since my friend, Shauna Malone, unexpectedly passed away.  I had just moved from San Francisco, where we both lived and loved, to Los Angeles, where we grew up together.  I had just seen Shaun a week or so before at our going away party.  We'd left phone messages for one another on new years eve about almost getting together.  Those moments, that turn out to be the last ones, stick with you.  They play over and over in your mind.  

Luckily, many of the memories stick with you.  

This is a piece I wrote for a storytelling night with the theme "The Power of Music".  In honor of Shauna, I'll leave you with these memories and thoughts of a really fantastic person who made a huge difference in my life.

As an additional story to this:  the group that was hosting the evening was supposed to videotape each person's story...and they didn't.  But about three minutes into my piece, my dad decided he should film it for posterity.  My dad, like Shauna, was an awesome supporter of everything I did... 

I just lost my dad this November and I love being reminded of the unconditional love it took for him to pull out his little camera and film while also being fully engaged in the moment, as I'm sure he was.  At the end of my story, it's his voice you hear say, 'wow', which makes me tear up even as I write this.  

I like to think Shauna and my Pops are sharing a glass of Chardonnay right now.

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