Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day, Dear John

just three of many, many 'dear john' letters i wrote years ago for a large art piece, now sold.  i've always thought they would make interesting postcards.  but they're also kinda fun for valentine's day, too.  this day can really wreak havoc with some and it always amazed me that we go to the furthest ends, both high and low, for those we love or love no more on this random day of the year.

mind you, these 'dear john' letters don't necessarily reflect how i feel about love:   i'm actually madly in love with my husband, but we don't really celebrate this singular day and i must admit, there's some relief to that.  we tend to tell each other how we feel about one another on many of the other days. 

*and if you think 'dear john' letters are a bummer, can you imagine being in saudi arabia today?

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