Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Growing a Business

I need to get out of the house more.
I've become house-bound.  When I'm home, in my apartment, all I want to do is find ways to stay there.
This leads to a bit of loopy dis-reality.
This means, where I once used to change my pants between the dog park (where it was wet and muddy and smeared with dog slobber), I now find reasons to head right into the day...dogpants and all!

All for the love of work, go I. 
Standing in front of a host of issues that don't always feel like issues, but start to just feel like growing pains,  I see our small business getting bigger.  I feel the pain and aches that come with repeating the same motion over and over (open card, stuff envelope, sleeve on, wrap) but the motion feels better these days.  As if I'm just getting going here, folks.  And if nothing else, it's a wild and wonderful ride, this world of ownership. 

8mm ideas inventory has arrived!

Investing, growing, moving and shaking!  Running a small business is beyond frightening. 

but, Gads!  I freaking LOVE it.

(yes, this is how it can feel)

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Anonymous said...

I love you more, for truly 'doing it', and finding the words to tell it, and speak to the lives we live!
Go Sista', carry on and create! We Love it!
XO, hol