Monday, July 4, 2011

I've Got The Best Blueprint Blues

Dating back to the 1800's, not unlike the Chateau I'm currently living in, cyanotype is a magical process of exposing photographs.  Taught to us by the fantastically easy-going and incredibly clever, Monica Addison, the cyanotype workshop was one of the best yet!

It's a simple process with the most marvelous outcome...
We started by each adjusting our eyes to the dark of the Chateau cellar to brush our exposure liquid onto watercolor paper, which then turned a bright green.

Once the paper dried, we crawled under a make-shift dark room and created our small scenes with the materials at hand.

Once the bright sunlight got things just right, a little rinse makes it alright.

And we had the best blues anyone could have for the rest of the day...

My favorite route was exposing old negatives I'd bought earlier in the week at a brocante.
It's like solving an old mystery.

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Christina said...

Oh that looks like great fun! And I love the way those negatives look.