Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Miss Stella

France is amazing.
It's taken me 20 years of traveling here to finally, fully understand it.  In the last week alone I've said I could live here probably ten times.  I love the rural, village life, every farmers market we've been to, the melodic language, and the french cafe word for beer (presiĆ³n).

It takes me back to the days when I used to recruit university students to study abroad.  Well, I tried very hard to recruit students:  Private schools with quite privileged kids, who considered it a way of life rather than an incredible opportunity.  Some of the most frequent comments were:  
do they have peanut butter over there?  
should i bring a lot of underwear?
i think i'll miss my dog/boyfriend/mom/roomate too much.

I used to roll my eyes, hold back my comments and go through the details of what a life-changing experience this would be, if they would just forget all those worries and go for it.

Well, now I have a dog. 
And while I love being here and can imagine staying for a long time,
I, like all those long ago college kids,
finally understand the feeling
of really missing my dog
Stella Marie.

Luckily, a fantabulous water fountain in Cahors brought it all home for me.


Marion Williams-Bennett said...


The big difference between you and them is that you went! You learned, you grew, and you missed your dog!

I like imagining the reunion! Sloppy kisses!

Jasmine Mirra said...

I know how you feel!
I go for 5 days at my parents and I miss my 3 cats sooo much!