Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'll Take Stella

I don't think about disasters much.  Some friends consider this strange, as being in San Francisco, we live on a number of fault lines that are just waiting for the next big plate shift.

Mind you, I completely recognize the obsession with the old game what things would you take if your house was on fire? Rhetorically, it's a beautiful insight.  As adults, many of us know this game is silly and not remotely responsible unless your answer is your kids, or your partner.  To risk life and limb for a few trinkets, while the flames lick at your collar and cuffs... why would one chance that?

Well, for various reasons, of course, lots of 'ones' would.

You can peek into the minds of others or ponder the question for yourself.

Having experienced a home fire, first hand, whatever I might have thought, I've now seen the truth.  Flying down the stairs, both figuratively and then literally (when my foot slipped on the top marble step, it was almost like flying),  in a tshirt and flip flops, I was ready to burst out the front door into the snow, carrying... my niece and not one thing else.

If it ever happens again,
I'm hoping RK will be holding my hand while, with the other,  I grab the one thing on my list...


Marion Williams-Bennett said...

oh, yes. RK, Stella, and hand to hold. It's all you need. All you need.


Anonymous said...

I wish I had grabbed Babygirl and Domino, because I miss them everyday! Stella and RK are all you need to grab!

Julie B.