Monday, May 3, 2010

Open Doors

Open Studios is really one of my very favorite weekends (which, luckily for me, happens about three times a year).  Especially since I've moved my studio to The Art Explosion.  A great bunch of people that occupy the studios:  really friendly and supportive.  And the attendance at Open Studios is always off the hook. This most recent show was no exception.

In preparation for the big weekend, I decided to paint my walls and finally finish the look to the space.

(the old look to the space:  yellow and blue walls with a dirty white wall to finish it off!)

(the new look!:  i painted one wall a light grey and the other a blue-ish, green-ish)

(i took away the pink couch for the night to allow for more space.  it gets crowdy!)

(finally, a small but marked space, studio 227, at your service!)

(once again, my favorite moments happen with a kid)

Small victories?  Perhaps.  But great ones, nonetheless.  I sold some pieces I hated to see go, but reveled in the fact that there's that much more work out there on people's walls.  And, I was told so many times that my space looks like a little shop that I've started to look for a real little shop in the neighborhood.  Who knows? That could be the next big project!

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Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Open studios seem to have a certain energy and excitement to it!

That you sold pieces you love is just the best...sad to see them go, knowing that they'll have a new life elsewhere. Time to create new pieces that you love.

Your 227 is just brilliant!