Saturday, May 8, 2010

Digestive Systems are funny

Note To Self:  Don't eat lettuce without washing it first. 

Sure, it's totally stupid to eat any veggies, or anything else that gets pulled from the ground or a tree, without washing it first but... I was in a rush; I just wanted to eat; I didn't think I could get hurt by something organic; I knew where it was grown; Hell, I ignored my best instincts. 
And now, I'm paying for it dearly

Three days without food, or the food I did try, my system quickly let me know was a no-go, and mere sips of water.  Three days, when I wasn't sleeping, I was alternately getting sick at the thought of food and dying for something, anything that looked like food. 

Day three, it's all water and ritz crackers. 

And while I'm currently craving a Pat La Freida specialty hamburger (the kind I hope my system is ready to enjoy by this time next week when I'm in NYC), RK tells me I have to take it slow.   Tonight for dinner? One boiled potato, no butter, no nuthin.


Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Awful, just awful.

I kind of this this is nature - again - letting us know who is in charge. this time with tiny little creatures.

Hope you are feeling better. RK is right, one step and at time. Potato tonight, maybe toast in the morning.

Feel better, Molly!

Maggie May said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Anonymous said...

A few years ago, while pregnant, I had gone into my small-town pharmacy to buy some pepto-bismol for my very upset stomach... The pharmacist came over to assist me... he told me "you don't want to take anything while you're pregnant" instead, he told me to "heat up some milk, just before the boiling point, and drink it when it cools enough for you to be able to, and not to hold it in your mouth, hot, but to send it down, hot. This advice has been used over and over through the years and has brought me great relief. I never needed to buy any product to relieve my upset stomach again! I don't know if I stated how to do this very well, but just in case, I would add, to be wise about the milk not being too hot for you, but hot enough to affect the 'bacteria' that is upsetting your stomach!