Friday, May 8, 2009

who are the people in your neighborhood?

So, in the first grade, we're building our neighborhood. We're using milk cartons and mixed paints and a bunch of recycled goods that they used as the interior of homes. But first, it was the people. The most important part of a neighborhood. We made a list of neighborhood people and got to work:

the guy that owns the cd shop

the local musician, a violinist

and a baker

a doctor, of coursea security guard. handcuffs drawn on and mace in hand.
yoga teacher with requisite bellybutton showing

pizza guy

if you had to guess, you'd guess ambulance driver
and, to get in on the act, Miss P.
and I made a Bishop and....
a rabbi (that was at request)

there's so many more of them, and soon, they will be running the neighborhood of milk cartons. We're all on pins and needles!


Christina said...

this is awesome. i think my favorite is the rabbi!

Molly said...

I love how the yoga teacher has killer abs!
Lovely project.

Domino Bianchi said...

Nice toast.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

you're killing me here. i love this so much i may keel over right now with a smile on my face..(how's that for histrionics?)-favorites? yoga teacher, violinist and of course rabbi.

Karafina said...

omg, these are so freaking cute. love the rabbi. hahaha....

julochka said...

the last two have a bit of a south park-y feel. :-) cute!

Unknown said...

this is too much.