Monday, June 15, 2009

everything will be okay in the end

if it's not okay,

it's not the end.

i got this quote from a new friend
being a grown-up, a new friend is always a bonus. 
new friends can be hard to meet. 
new friends aren't just people you meet at a party, talk to for awhile and when you leave you say, 'nice to meet you' , knowing you prolly won't see them til the next gathering of this same group of people. 
new friends are the ones you meet, you get on like a house on fire and you actually make plans to see each other again. and then, you do it: you have lunch, you gab, you laugh so hard it hurts, and you talk about things you don't usually talk about with the general public.
and, sometimes, advice gotten from a new friend sits a whole new way in your brain.


spudballoo said...

Oh yeah...I have a 'new friend' right now and it's such a joy. Not least because we both moved here in the last few months and are without buddies. She's a complete joy, so lovely to know you can still make joyful friendships nearing 40!! x

Bonbon Oiseau said...

ooo..i like your description of "new friend"...brava!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

new friends are the best, finding a new friend that can make you laugh so much it hurts are like is like feeling the sun on both sides...what joy! Such lucky people

Molly said...

I like your new friend just for this quote, if nothing else.
Words to live by.
I'm making little cards for some of my friends who I think need to hear this right now.
Thank you!