Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Introducing....the Neighborhood!

I felt like a roadie for a rock show. I was just there to lay down the action, stand back, and watch it come together.

Not one of these pictures does it justice.
Not even a lot of pictures do it justice.
The kids each dressed like a neighborhood worker.
We had a dentist,
an ambulance driver.
Soccer coach.
Construction worker.
Theatre Ticket Taker.
Recycling guy.
And a neighborhood that had electricity.
With the long light days and kids' bedtimes being around 8 or so, the lighting of the Neighborhood could have been anticlimactic. But, not with this group. They'd worked too hard and were too excited to notice that these little lights they'd hooked up to batteries and on-the-count-of-three turned on were but mere specks in the whole hood.
On the last day of school, each had to decide who would take the neighborhood section home, only one partner could take the whole thing. Some of them had us cut it right down the middle. Others, knowing how their parents react to home-made projects of this size, let them go easily, with the idea they might visit it at their friend's house. All in all, no tears, no tantrums, just a separation that was as easy as the coming together of it all.

Kinda like the beginning and the ending of the school year.


spudballoo said...

Gosh this is amazing! What a fabulous project, and everyne working together, no tears no tantrums. Wonderful!

Molly said...

So lovely!
Once again, I wish my girl could be in your class.

Innerspace Yoga said...

what a great project! it really turned out well and i loved following it. have a great summer!

Bluebird Shop said...

The neighborhood looked magical. I loved checking out this project, Molly. I also loved watching parents working these things into their cars.