Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Rook To Love

I started buying Bella Bigsby's cards a few years ago, mostly for myself. Then, I realized, I really should be sharing these incredible works of art with others. Her paintings, which I've only seen in card form and on her website, appear to be alive. The first image I ever bought was this Rook. I have a love of Crows, and since the Rook falls into the family of Crows, I was naturally drawn to it. I'd only ever seen a few images of hers. So, it was with a sheer determination of finding out more about her and her artwork that I finally wrote down her website when I saw her cards today.
Yeah...sometimes, it takes me awhile...

On her site today, I found more images that took my breath away.

And, finally, just the other day I was looking upwards, here in SF, and thinking to myself: 'I wish there was a way to capture this strange contrast of looking up into the trees, the sky, and seeing all these wires (that the trains and buses run on)'. Well, Bella Bigsby has done that perfectly. I couldn't be happier (unless I owned it myself!)

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Christina said...

beautiful. i love that feather.