Monday, May 12, 2008

esao es ici

My friend in the name of blog, meighan, always has her finger right on the pulse of some of the most interesting artists, musicians and general well-rounded people. I was just introduced to this artist through her site. I love his work, how it invokes a kind of strange feeling in your stomach while at the same time being downright gorgeous in its rendering.this one is called "Letting Go"

After I oogled his art for awhile, I started to read his blog and it cracked me up. So, he's not only a fantastic artist, he can tell a story, too! And what he calls procrastination and what he does with his time while waiting for the UPS guy...well, they need to invent a new word for my kind of procrastination then...

and this one is called "Ivan"

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Anonymous said...

esao's blog is hilarious. i get sad when he doesn't update regularly !