Thursday, June 21, 2007

How Sesame Street Can Save Your Life

This is unbelievably good.

And this is Me and Grover(one of the key stars in Sesame Street) sitting in D.'s front yard. And that is my family's VW van in our front yard, next door.

interesting note: D., holding a snoopy doll, is now a billionaire.

And, not that I'm saying anything against him personally (i haven't seen him in years) but I'd like to think, while I enjoyed the Peanuts, too, and I might not have a lot of money, the end result of being a die-hard Seasame Street fan is that I've got a lot of soul.

(big, big thanks to Chas Bowie for always having his metaphorical finger on the pulse of great stuff--spend some serious time at his site, people)


Christina said...

So good! What's with protecting the identity of the billionaire? I thought you were going to say he was like a murderer or something. And dude- if you ask my poor ass, I'll take soul over money anyday!

meseke said...

Hypnotic. Sesame Street was like kiddie crack for me. I bet Mr. Looper, I mean, Hooper, was rockin out during that jam. Holy Smokes.

comfies said...

have you read the tipping point? talks a bit about sesame street. they worked hard to create a show that would hold the attention of the little ones! and they had some slick people workin' on that show! and stevie wonder. he's my hero.

Ellen Zachos said...

Molly, is that you in the pink sweater, rocking out up on the cat walk? The girl is into it. Seriously, kids today have nothing like Sesame Street. Too bad for them.