Monday, June 25, 2007

Countin' Cards

I've been happily printing, packing and shipping cards for the last two weeks (with great thanks to RK, Mo, T, and Chip) watching all this hard work become a reality. Man, it feels so good. Many a time, while folding and stuffing, I was moved to happy tears that the dream is becoming reality. I would shake my head with a big ole smile and mumble to myself, 'i can't believe it.' In a week or so, my very own cards will be in Paper Source stores around the country. They'll be shinning in their little cello packets in two juicy stores in Canada! And the fun part of that is that everyone around me has been so supportive, reaffirming these wonderful feelings.

So, with just a few more boxes to be shipped and a couple more phone calls to make...I've started dreaming of the studio. Ahhhh, the studio. I haven't been in the studio in over a month and I am jonesing for it. I've got all these ideas swirling around in my head, my ipod is loaded up with new music to work by, and it's just down the street I must go...
I cannot wait.

(T. took the window-gazing photo of me and my cards, above)

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meighan said...

this is a great entry. very inspiring.
go to the studio right now!!!