Sunday, October 5, 2008

and then i saw...

// i am sorry. honestly, i'm sorry i ruined your day. i am sorry. i never meant to inflict no other than myself. i came along, i turned the right to wrong, turned it all to this, nothing was said i poured the good out, im the peculiar one// i came along, i brought the shade, i turned it all from here, nothing was said, you had a glance at me; said i'm the odd one/// --loney, dear

i'm not sure i ever properly thanked meighan, blogger-style, for introducing me to the album, the band, that has gotten me thru some serious good times and bad.
Thanks, Meighan.

(and how wonderful is the beauty of flickr where photos like the above self-portrait can be found and celebrated! click on photo to enjoy her other gorgeous shots)

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amy said...

oh good good music! really love it!