Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Those were the days my friends, we thought they'd never end...

One of my first graders said to me today: "I'm gonna do so many things with my life you won't believe it..." and on the post high from my High School reunion, it was just the right thing to hear. I pictured him at his high school reunion years and years from now. My 20 year reunion finally arrived and I'd known some of these kids since before we were six. Here we all were...

What a funny thing, reunions, to think that all these people would still want to hang out with someone they once kissed on a dare, cheated off of during a test, asked to the dance, made out under the bleachers, ditched class with, sang in front of in choir, made mixt tapes for...or people you never really knew in those hallowed halls. That's what reunions are for: a chance to hang out again.

Though my old friend, Angela, and I stood at the front door to the hotel, just outside the party, stomachs rumbling, both agreeing, "this was a bad idea"--we finally went in and had the time of our lives! People were genuinely thrilled to see one another. Each person almost surprised at how excited they were to see one another. People gushed over one another and hugged two and three times.

The best exchange at the end of the night, from some of the nicest guys in school:

C: "If I had known how popular or well-liked I was back then, it would have all been different."
S: "well, sure, if I knew then what I know now....of course."
M: "Oh, boy, can you guys imagine all of us trying to go to school together? Everyone filled with security and confidence. It wouldn't have worked..."

And they were right. Each one of 'em.

If you get the chance, run, don't walk, to your high school reunion. I haven't heard about a bad one yet. Only missed ones.

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amy said...

it must be great to reconnect with so many old friends, discover what everyone's been up to all these years!
can't wait for mine... 10 years coming up!