Thursday, October 16, 2008

Once in a lifetime...

Not one, not two, not fact, at some point, I lost track...but at least FOUR standing ovations for David Bryne and his band last week at Davies Symphony Hall. And that was before he'd started into his first song! It was, as are all his shows I've seen, quirky, joyful and downright inspirational. RK bought us the most amazing seats: dead center, just a few rows back. We smiled from ear to ear, we boogied, and yes, I bawled. I always do, if it's a really moving concert (damien rice, arcade fire, andrew bird...okay, yeah, I cry very easily!)

So, he rocked the full show, and his backup singers, his band, and his totally creative add-in of dancers--while they were all dressed in white, head to toe--just once again confirmed his powerful talent for entertaining with passion. The people walking out of the theatre that night, after seeing the extra action marching band and David Byrne burn down the house, sang his praises and buzzed with excitement. We floated down the street thanking the universe for David Byrne. Good ole bike riding David Byrne.

The other little highlight of my night was seeing Miranda July nervously making her way thru the bar area and I had to stop my beating heart long enough to tap her on the shoulder and say, "You are so talented and your work is so inspirational."
I love the thought of these two collaborating (again!)

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