Thursday, July 5, 2007

This town is getting smaller

If you live in SF, and you've been anywhere in the Mission District lately, you'll have seen a stencil like this. I noticed them a couple years ago and just stopped in my tracks with each and every one I came across. They really took my breath away. Simple, but true. Romantic, yet spraypainted on the cement sidewalks. Many of my friends told me they felt the same way, as if each one was written just for them. They are written in the "I" and "You" form, so you could convince yourself that it's meant for you only. But, of course, with any street art, you've got to eventually come to the realization that this clever, fabulous, inspiring thing was bred in a brain without your input or your influence. In the case of these moving phrases, it didn't really matter. They make you feel.

This brings me to the strange coincidence that just this very minute happened. On Tuesday night I had a little craft night with Christina and Danica. We were talking about how much fun the blog world has become and how its so cool that you can meet such great people that way, and oh, isn't it funny that we know all these things about each other via our blogs...on and on, and I finally blurted out, "i have a new blog friend! and she's sending me something in the mail!" I was a little excited, obviously, by the finding of this new blog. It was random. Her link was listed on someone else's blog and I thought it was a cool title, so I clicked on the link. Reading it, I felt like I related to her thoughts. And so, I just kept reading and reading... and eventually, after I'd read most of the posts, I decided I'd also look at her flicker photos. Usually, when you like someone's writing and you like what styles they highlight, well, they often have very cool photos on line, too. So, i'm looking at photos of her cute dog and sunny days and funny trucks and...LO and BEHOLD! I come across these photos of stencils on the street...

The circle is complete.
This town is getting smaller.


Ellen said...

I LOVE coincidences like that! How amazing.

comfies said...

oh my god. blogging is clearly the coolest thing since sliced challah. xoxo.