Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Miracle Mara

I held in my hands last week a bit of perfection. A pure human, who was only five days old: Mara Clare Kemp-Malone . One of my oldest, dearest friends just gave birth to this little miracle. A few days later, she let me hold her for three hours straight. It was heaven.

When she first handed her over to me and then left the room for a moment, I looked down at this tiny little 8 pound beauty and started bawling. Just lost it completely. These huge tears dropping down on her soft cotton onesie. She was so pure, so perfect, so innocent. I couldn't believe I was holding such a tiny human in my arms. A little girl who's never felt pain or caused harm. We were all once this small. Okay, maybe some of us were smaller (or, bigger). But, we all started there. That clean slate of purity. When Mara seemed to look at me, or gave one of those fabulous newborn smiles over to me, it was hard for me to imagine what could be going through her brain. All I could whisper was, "hello".


amy said...

such sweetness. good luck little one!

Christina said...

oh she is just beautiful.

Kate said...

So sweeeeet.
Funny, my best friend Andrea is planning on naming her baby Mara if it's a girl! And before that I'd never heard of anyone having that name.