Monday, August 4, 2008

Bike Me

A classic photo of my mom, Kick, in the 7th grade.

I don't try to hide it: I have a big love of bikes. And not the kind of love that could tell you what sort of fixed-gear or ten speed is flying by me on the street. Not the kind of love that means I'm out riding with the crew every early Saturday morning without fail (though, I'd like to give it a try...).

I'm talking about the kind of bike love that comes from admiring the sheer beauty of the machine itself. I love that two wheels and a steel frame, and perhaps a little bell on the handlebars, can get you almost anywhere you want to go. You don't need petrol, you don't need a driver, you don't need a/c, you don't need a fan belt, the list goes on... And it's been around for ages. Vintage bikes are a true favorite of mine. I ride a classic, black, old BSA that lot, has no gears, and pretty slim foot brakes. I bought it at the 24th Street flea market in NYC (the one that now has a parking lot where stalls used to go). I don't think I paid more than $20 for it and it's served me well. I rode it all over the city, even after I was doored by a cab carrying two harried tourists. I ride it all over this city, even though the hills here in SF try to deter me. No matter how many times I hear, "have you ever thought of getting a real bike?", I'll never give up my perfect personal transport. My bike bell says it all (purchased for me by my good friend and favorite NYC fireman, Marcel): I (heart) my bike.

All this to say, I have a little collection of vintage bike photos that I'm really in love with and hope to keep growing. I finally decided to scan them and hopefully, something with them. In the meantime, I guess I'll keep making bicycle themed cards as a way to share the love. And, maybe, go on a Saturday ride with the crew....


comfies said...

that's such a sweet card, mol. love it.

tessa said...

bike love! i love the photo of your mom - fantastic.