Saturday, October 21, 2017

Stella Marie: Her heart, Our heart

This week we took Stella Marie in for a check-up and found that she has chronic degenerative valve disease.  It's done a number on her heart, which is now severely enlarged.  We start her on medication immediately and indefinitely.

For months now, Stella has been breathing heavily and scratching incessantly at her chest.  I thought it was the heat of summer, then I thought it was the humidity, then fleas, then dermatitis, then allergies, then anxiety.  I never once thought it was one of her very important valves not working properly and therefore allowing blood to engorge her heart and make her struggle at every turn. 

The interesting part of it is the way she seems to have relaxed, her breathing regulated, and her chest itching almost stopped, all since we took her to the cardiologist.  It's as if she knows we now know.  She no longer has to send us dramatic signals to get our attention.  She has finally been heard.


EmmaCarlson said...

It's all we really want, isn't it? To be heard? Yeah. Poor Stella. So glad she's back on the right track.

Ellen Zachos said...

If only our vet had been similarly astute, Seven would still be with us. So glad sweet sweet Stella is getting help.

Molly said...

Oh Stella, be well girl - your humans need you.
Sweet pup.