Monday, August 20, 2012

Only Surround Yourself With Things You Know To Be Beautiful

{we had} learned for many years, like many artists, you don't sort of say well should I go in my studio today or I really don't have any good ideas maybe tomorrow I'd have a better idea. You go in your studio, if you don't have any ideas, you sharpen pencils. If you sharpen pencils long enough, you get an idea. -George Woodman

Some of my happiest, most reflective, float away on a thought, moments happen in my studio.  And it's because of all the things I'm surrounded by,

But it wasn't always a 'studio' in the proper sense of the word.  I haven't always had a 'studio' to retreat to.  So, it's really just being surrounded by my stuff.  (i cried when i watched the previously posted video, that's a guy who gets it!)  That's what makes me happy.  Makes me feel dreamy.
I realized, walking around our apartment tonight, I have a lot of stuff.  I cannot stress that enough.  But because I like a glass half full, I tend to think of it not as too much stuff, as some might think.  It's a lot of little stuff.  Really, I mostly collect smalls.  Mostly.

It's really just that I grow into a place.  And, it seems, we've completely grown out of the apartment we're currently in (see: video).  Looking back, I remember so well feeling like I had so much room to work.  Now, I feel like I could fill up five rooms of the same size, surrounding myself with found things and weird treasures and small talismans.

It seems as if there's no end to this ongoing collection.

I suppose,
I could stop bring things into my space...

Nah, that's never gonna happen.

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Danielle Muller said...

i hear ya sister...

you make me smile :)))))