Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Paper Lover seeks Paper Geeks To Celebrate

I'm a paper lover, with my moon in paper nerd and my rising sign in paper addict.  It's with this acknowledgement I can admit I am having a whole new love affair with 8mm ideas.

A lot of people say they only send a card at christmas, or valentine's day, or on one of the other obligatory holidays when you think 'shoot, i gotta get a card!'  But, I'm thinking about all the other days that come between those days, when people's mailboxes are stuffed with nothing but bills.  Those are the days for 'oh man, i gotta send (someone) that card.  it's sooo perfect.'  That's why we here at 8mm ideas leave our cards blank inside:  You know what you want to say, you just need the card to say it in.  We believe the love/ snark/ juicy memories/ simple sentiment you write is just the right thing with the right card. 
And that's what we're here for.

It just so happens, at this very moment, I'm so super excited about these next steps here at 8mm ideas:  We've entered the 21st Century (very, very difficult for a girl who prefers to a typewriter to a computer, and pencil & paper to any button-y thing that's put in front of me) and have arrived at the book of faces.
That's right, 8mm ideas has a facebook page.  I'm actually going to write here, right now, go to our facebook page and thumbs it up!   Come on, it's crazy! We wanna celebrate with everyone!

And we think a great way to celebrate is to keep in touch with others and tell them something/anything/x's and o's, whatever it is on every day of the year.  You know how much trouble the post office is in?!  Couldn't we do a little to keep them in business?  Over the years, come rain or snow, they've delivered letters and packages and, in our house at least they delivered coconut halves and license plates (yes, made into letters from my brothers).  Someone in your life needs a card, and that someone or someones would benefit greatly hearing from you.  So leave us a note in the comments, telling us who's day you plan to make.  Stella will pick a name out of a hat this Friday and we'll send you three 8mm ideas cards to do just that with!

Thank you for all your support, dear readers, over the years.  We couldn't do it without you!


Kaari Meng said...

I would like to send a card to:

my godmother
little Stella in NYC and...
my friend Dominique in Paris

I haven't written to any of these friends in years, and they would all love to get a card! Pick me! Pick me!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Well...isn't that nice - I would like to send a card to my dad, my mom and my brother, Johnny.
Thanks Molly - I hope I win some of your cards - if not, I will just have to order them on your website.

Marie in Seattle

Tyn said...

I checked my chart and moon is in paper geek too. I didn't know that!
I would send cards to my dearest friend in Portland. She is someone who still writes and would appreciate getting more mail from me. BTW- I save every correspondence from her and one day I am gonna put together a book- like when I am 88. :)