Monday, December 5, 2011

I love having a studio.  It's not something I'd ever dreamed of, or even thought was a reality of adulthood.  Though I'd seen other artist's studios and garages-turned-workshop, it seemed like one of those far off things.  It sometimes feels incredibly strange that it feels so incredibly normal:  I've had an art studio for almost 7 years.  I absolutely love where my studio is now, at Art Explosion.  Very different than the last studio I had, the artists I've met here have been some of my biggest influences and an incredible amount of support.  Artists are working consistently, any hour of any day, you can find the halls full of conversation and the smell of paint. 

My studio feels like a little shop, a front window full of items, and a long wall full of work.  More and more these days I think about opening a shop on some little side street.  Funny thing is, the shop is something I'd be returning to:  A reality of adulthood many years ago, when my sister and I owned a little destination shop in NYC. 

In the meantime, I'll keep doing what I'm doing (a new series of little cigar boxes) and let the shops I know and love run things on the street.  I'm loving that 8mm ideas is represented in so many of these amazing stores:
Green Apple Books
The Booksmith
The Desk Set
Library Store
Paper Sky
Skylight Books

And you,
you can stop by and see what we're all up to at Art Explosion's Annual Holiday Show.  Maybe it'll get your own inspirational vibe moving and grooving just in time for the new year.


Cait O'Connor said...

Just found your blog via Joy and Wonder. It was worth a visit for the doggy photos alone, they are just gorgeous as is the quotation. I will be back.

Unknown said...

Hi Molly!
Hope your Holiday show went well. I would love to see your gallery. Just as soon as I am in San Fran and I am there.
Looking forward to Art of Craft...all signed up!
Can't wait to see you, sweet girl!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

how was it how was it? i sent my friend Tessa and sister in law to see-I hope they went!!!

Rose Brier Studio said...

Hey dude, Hope your holiday was wonderful! Do you have photos of your cigar boxes? It's the "canvas" I am working in right now and I love it!