Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Other People's Lives

I have an addiction.  And usually, the first step, is admitting it.
Problem is, as long as their are estate sales, flea markets, boot sales and sidewalks with stuff for sale, I'm never getting over this one.
Every month, I think the same thing:  I probably have enough stuff by now.  I've got thousands of old photos, and hundreds of old letters, multiple family photo albums, many, many notebooks,  dictionaries galore and an untold amount of playing card collections.
Other peoples stuff. Mine now.  Who's later?
I asked the owner of the estate sale company, Guy, if this job made him more of a hoarder or more of a minimalist.  His answer, both surprising and inevitable, was minimalist.  With a caveat of trying to live by the motto of letting one thing go when you bring another in.  Yeah, I've always told myself I do that, too.
And it's true, to an extent.  Though I'm not sure RK would agree, I think I live by this motto at home.  I absolutely in no way apply this same rule to my studio.  Whatsoever.
And that, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is how I justify buying one more photo, another letter, the filled-up photo album, the half-empty notebooks, and the Webster's of a different year.
This past weekend was no different:  the photos I came home with will be up at my blog other people's lives all this coming week, the 10 wood boxes I came home with, and lovingly cleaned, will be turned into new work by the time of the next open studios, the geography book is a piece of history that can only be read to be believed and the 2-foot snapshot of the Forks and Knives club of San Francisco has already entertained RK and I for a good hour.  I HAD to get it!  I'm still a little sad I couldn't get both of them.
I think because my sister, a fellow collector, has a few more years experience, she's better at saying 'no'.  As in, 'no i don't really need that, because i don't really want that. moving on!'  I often think I must have something and then curse myself for spending the $5 on it when I get home.  This is a hoarder/bargainers brain.  I live with it.  RK constantly telling me to 'let it go', by which he means either let it go out of your brain or let it go in a sale.
So, I let it go.  Out of my brain.  Mostly.

But I do have to get to the flea market next week... I just know there's something I need.


Marion Williams-Bennett said...

You have this addiction because you look at these gems as you see the possibilities!! You see where these glorious little items have been, where they could go, what life they could have.

How can you say no, when you know that what you hold in your hands has both a history and the possibilities for future greatness?

Pearl Maple said...

I agree with Marion, a person who can see the possiblities, each one of those little treasures were special to someone once and looking for a new place to shine

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love your addiction! I am a voyeur to it, and I want to possess those photos as much as you! Please make sure you get this little girl on one of your fabulous 8MM cards, as I must have one! I know it is not good to hijack treasures off other people's blogs! Maybe you can make copies of her and slip it into the project you are doing for The Art of Craft? You are a genius artist! See you in a few months, Julie B.