Friday, September 17, 2010

Heaven Can Wait and Hell is Just Too Dang Far


I've loved this song for awhile now, but the video confirms the deep love I have.  
The whole thing feels like my brain on any given day during the week.  
And, yeah, usually the weekend, too.


Gene said...

I love this song. Her voice is amazing and soothing. I love the video more because it's so creative and it seems like it represents a day in the life of a person. Ha ha.

paige said...

Wow, awesome. I haven't heard this song before, I love it. And the video is so ridiculously creative.

I feel like I need to watch it a few times before I know what is going on.

The kid playing guitar in the bedroom with the old people dancing. And the guy poring fruit loops into the bathtub. And the woman walking down the street with the hazardous waste bag...

Those are the images that stuck with me and probably will for a long time.