Tuesday, September 8, 2009


dude, remember when we fell in love with David Gray, his voice, his music?
and then Pete Yorn?
And then Damien Rice? and after that it was Fiona Apple? and when we couldn't get over how much we loved Magnetic Fields? And you know how all of these stick with us?
dude, I've got a new one for the collection:

you can finally let go of that rick astley fan club membership.


montague said...

his voice is delicious. does that make sense?

Cathy Mogull said...

did you know he is anthony perkins and berry berensen's son? cool, huh?
thanks for sharing.

Kaari Marie said...

you forgot to mention devotchka and calexico - how could you forget joey! and molly - you were the original rick astley fan club member - you can't give that up!

Ivanhoe Books - Art And Design said...

Never! Never give up the Rick Astely Fan Club Membership. I'm never going to let him go!