Thursday, January 1, 2009

Begin the Beginning

'Tis a new year. New things happening all the time.

It's funny the way we categorize time. Over the last week, I heard people say, 'man, 2008 was not what I was looking for' or, '2008 really sucked'. Woof. A whole entire year, sucking? That's rough.

To appease this disheartening idea, I tend not to clump time together. Maybe I did once upon a time. I remember thinking 4th grade was a pretty rough year. But, I came to realize, there's some really great times in every day of every week of every month which come to make up every year. And if one puts all their hopes in the concept of "the year", the way they hope "the year" to be....well, a disappointment is sure to arrive at the door. Time is a great equalizer, but it can't make you happy or bring you down. Time is a concept created by humankind. It's what you DO with that time that will create what that time means to you when it's past.
Happy New Year, indeed. Happy all of it!
A few months ago, I met a very talented girl, Sonja, and we quickly became studio mates and very soon after, she had to make some big changes and one of them was not keeping the studio. It was a shame to see her go, but as all good things must come to an end, and in the way that a door closes and a window opens... it made way for my new studio mate, Brian McDonald. I'm thrilled to be sharing a space with Brian and all his talent. He was the one of the first artists I'd seen when we moved here to SF and I was dying to own a piece but couldn't afford it. Now, he's making those said pieces alongside me in our studio space (well, not really alongside me, since we're rarely there at the same time...but i get to see it all every time i'm there!). Anyhoo, he recently sent me an email with a great compliment. He'd found a book of work by Tony Fitzpatrick, beautiful, amazing work, and he wrote that Fitzpatrick's work reminded him of my work (which was thrilling me to no end!).

I can't help but become completely moved by Fitzpatrick's pieces, and really, I would pay the same compliment back to Brian: Fitzpatrick's intricate collages remind me of Brian's.

So, I guess we're all in just the right place, in just the right time.


Christina said...

oh these are amazing!

hmstrjam said...

hello I love these images!