Sunday, December 7, 2008

Spam: Giving You the Creativity You Might Otherwise Lack

Not particularly enlightening or dramatic or moving, but I've been inundated with spam lately--the titles of the emails, as well as the "senders" are hysterical... and I couldn't help but notice that I just may have the entire cast of characters for a funny book some day:

  • Sabir Council
  • Golebiowski Behrns
  • Hinchee Ty
  • Waks Witman
  • Rosendale Caska
  • Meszaros Baher
  • Meals Bernal
  • Roekle Berdy
  • Hauer Winberry
  • Grueser Delrie
  • Reech Phung
  • Boudewyns Enrico
Perhaps Hinchee Ty is a strange, wrinkled, old doctor that is an expert in rashes.
Or Waks Witman is the local, infamous author, having gained his fame by stripping a tree of it's bark and painting it yellow for inspiration.
And Meals Bernal, well, he's a classic. He's the local nutritionist who everyone thinks is bonkers because he only eats legumes.

Then, there's:
  • Joland Cornejo
  • Sukovaty Alexis
  • Dwan Lebouef
  • Sleeman Lutchman
  • Morgas Goestel
  • Manspeaker Malaney
  • Bercher Schueler
  • Ramon Felciano
  • Tallis Enstad
  • Crevier Sarley
  • Bjornberg Lindley (the tennis player seeded no.1, i'm sure!)
  • Hardrict Hanek
  • Vannote Dobis
Morgas Goestel has a sad history, having lost his whole family in a terrible storm while sailing the great seas.
Ramon Felciano is the towns resident flirt, all the ladies love him.
Hardrict Hanek is a bully, hated by all, but hated by himself the most.
Manspeaker Malaney gave himself his own name when he went from alcoholic to motivational speaker.
Dwan Lebouef has been in trouble with the law, but just met a fine young lady who is trying to turn his life around. He collects glass giraffes.

Of course, none of these characters are set in stone yet. There's always more spam to be had.


Maggie May said...

yes, yes!!!! ha!
my favorite is the man who only eats legumes...ah

comfies said...

when will the book be in bookstores? i wanna see a whole book of these characters, please. so brilliant.

Elizabeth said...

I have to second comfies' comment. You need to make a book of these! Poor Morgas Goestel. Such a tragic story.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

This is great-I usually go through my spam filter each morning feeling degraded...I will think now about collecting glass giraffes..thanks molly...!