Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My 20-year high school reunion is coming up next month and it's being run by one of those big dot com companies that are charging us an arm and a leg to get in the door. Not to mention no open bar. Ouch! When our last reunion came around ten years ago, it was put together by a fellow classmate and her husband. They made it a three day affair that cost next to nothing and was held all over town, including our old high school stomping grounds (that was a bit of a coup, as our H.S. had closed the year after we graduated and was now a middle school).

Now, I'm one of those people who loved high school (i know, i know, i'm part of a very small minority) and though I was sort of dreading the reunion, I ended up having the best three day weekend I could imagine. It changed the course of my life moving forward. It put me in touch with people I hadn't seen since graduation, and have happily kept in touch with since then. Interesting people, who travel the world, fly helicopters, make blockbuster movies and music and change the world.

I was really excited about this next one. Imagine how much people have changed in the last ten years! The stories they'll have to tell! The one thing that gives me hesitation is the possible lack of attendence. It's more expensive to fly to LA than any other time, the cost of the tickets for this one night party are astronomical, and maybe people care less as time goes on... it will all remain to be seen. And, of course, if it's as good as the last one, I won't be able to stop talking about it 'til the next one...

(While I'm not crazy about having a company run our reunion, I do have to give them credit for their funny, funny advertising, above. Click on it to see it bigger)

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