Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's a full, full moon

A full moon. A full, harvest moon, ladies and gentlemen. It doesn't get much better than this. The only thing that might have taken the amazing feelings I had while admiring tonight's full moon to a higher level, is to have done it side by side with RK. He loves them full, harvest moons, too. But he's watching this miracle from LA and I'm watching it from Dolores Park in SF.
Maybe it's the warm weather, or maybe it really is the book I'm reading currently (previous post), but my life seems to be heading into this really peaceful place. No, that's not what I mean exactly. I feel more aware, on a bigger-picture level. And it's not that I'm hoping it'll's that I've realized this IS the space I exist in all the time. I just need to open my mind, and my heart and acknowledge the universe and all it's miracles.

thank you universe.


billy girl said...

mol, I simply want to take a bite outta that big ol orange moon! Miss you, but we'll hug, not moon each other when I finally get to see yer sweet face! Howl. xobg

Christina said...

so beautiful. . and so well said. i feel giddy over all of it.. xox

Ellen Zachos said...

So beautiful. Will RK be back by 10/1? Because for you two, and for us, that's a special day! 19 years for us...can you believe it? Hey! You never did divulge the title of this wonderful book. What is it, please?

Anonymous said...

i saw the huge moon last night, but here in boston. as i drove around the pond towards my home and watched the moon...i realized how many people i know in this world are under that same moon just thousands of miles away and just seconds away as well. it's crazy to think we are all under the same sky.