Monday, July 2, 2007

Brooklyn Crumble

With the big ole July 4th coming up, it seems an appropriate time to bring out the Brooklyn Crumble recipe that I recently discovered while visiting NY.
RK and I went to a classic rooftop bbq while we were there and had one of the best crumbles I've ever eaten. There's actually photographic proof of me chowing down the rest of this crumble before we left the's not pretty, and it won't be shown here.
Anyhoo, a crumble is common. But, a good crumble is hard to come by, so I wanted to make sure I got the recipe from a woman named Laurie, who was the baker behind the beauty.

Start with a Pyrex pie plate (seems a given, but not always!)
then, you cut up and mix together:

You go out and buy yourself some Concord Foods Crumble Mix
Mix that with 5T of margarine or Greek yogurt (we had the yogurt version--yum!)

And then you put it all together and bake it for 20-30 minutes at 375*

Of course, I think we had a big ole scoop of ice cream on the side (on top, whatever!), as well, but it was so good you don't need a thing to enhance it. Happy Baking!


comfies said...

recipe sounds delish. and thank you for the radio tips you provided the other day: i've been listening to kcrw's paul simon retrospective all morning. and now nina simone!!!!!

molly said...

and that Kitchen Radio is soooo good first thing in the morn, too!

Ellen Zachos said...

Ok, just how recently were you in NYC? Because I don't remember hearing anything about it so you are in big trouble, Missy!