Thursday, April 8, 2010

Supreme Beings Of Leisure

What is it about running after each other that little kids love?

We lose the passion for it sometime around the 5th grade, I think.  But every day at my job, when recess comes around,  all the littlest kids run after each other.  Constantly.  Chasing anyone who's moving, with "catch me!" and "you can't catch me!" echoing off the walls.  There's rarely a moment that the chaser feels they're being run from.  Which is so interesting to me.

Imagine this in adulthood:  You're walking up to your fellow co-workers, men in suits, women in nylons and skirts, they hit the break room and suddenly they scatter and run in every direction.  You start chasing one of them and then run through the whole office, arms flailing, laughing hysterically.

Would this really fly?  Does it even sound interesting?  In adulthood, we usually refer to 'chasing' as something that happens in a dream.  I have nightmares about being chased, they're awful!
Or, when we're single and dating, we talk about how so & so is 'chasing' someone.  He usually chases her until he catches her.  Or the other way around, of course.

But, as a kid, it's the most fun thing in the world.  The actual act of chasing and running away.  Often it's in the context of a tag game, but more often than not it's just the mere request "chase me" that can get anyone under age 8 to go crazy with happiness.


comfies said...

a barbara kruger image! i've always been a great fan of hers.

so true what you say about chasing. and you know who else seems to really appreciate a good game of chase? DOGS! which leads me to a special request: can we see your dog again please? xox.

christina said...

Ha! I love this image of chasing in the office. How great that would make my work days!!! Let's please re-instate the chasing as adults!

spudballoo said...

giggle...I'm loving the mental image of the suits running around yelling CHASE ME!!!

Why do owe loose that joyfulness? Chasing looks so much fun yet pointless as an adult. Cry...