Sunday, April 11, 2010

An Ask

Per special request, I post these recent photos of Stella Marie.

Stella in a bag
(taken by our good friends and amazing doggie-sitters, T &C)

J.  was dying for Stella-Marie to sit on her lap, which turned out to really be too little to contain all now-12-pounds of Stella.  So, she clung to her for dear life, saying her name over and over,
"stella, come here, stella, stella, stella..."  
It's amazing to watch how kids react to Stell, and how Stell reacts to them:  
with pure love and happiness.

oh, stop it, stella! you're so cute i could eat your nose!

Just a straight up beauty shot.  Stella with her "S".

Turns out, she really likes to sleep.  And once she's out, she's pretty well out.  
(A dog after our own hearts)

Stella as Gortans Fisherman:  It was pouring rain and we found ourselves without any umbrellas and had a big night ahead of us.  Stella didn't mind it a bit.  
Reason 4,059 why we can't get enough of her.

whoop, there it is.

(to make stella lifesize:  click photos!)


comfies said...

i'd like to get in line for babysitting duty. stella can stay with us ANYTIME. we have a house and a fenced in yard and even a potential canine friend for stella!!!!

lotta said...

I can't get enough of her either. She is amazing. So adorable. thanks for sharing.

Bored@Work said...

I love the close up. Thanks for posting these on a Monday, made the day that much more bearable!!

Bored@Work said...

*ahem* I'm glad that I at least looked at these on a Monday...

Ellen Zachos said...

Ok, but really, in that picture with J, Stella just looks like "oh god, when can I get down, I know I'm supposed to be doing this and I'm sure she's perfectly nice but when can I get down." Mona (our last golden retriever) had much the same look on her face whenever I made her be my lapdog. She was humoring me because she was a good sport.