Monday, April 5, 2010

Appreciating the Immediate

~ Little M. drew this and I think of it as my own little guardian angel.  When she saw it on my computer, she barely reacted, just quietly saying, "oh hey, i drew that." ~

Lately, with all the time I spend thinking about what's next in life, it's sometimes good to just reflect on the current state of things.  It came to me this morning that one of the perks of teaching 1st grade is that the amount of cute things that happen in a day, a week, a month or a year, are pretty much endless.  These are just some highlights:

~ an apology note from one little girl to another little girl ~

~ field trips in the city can really be a kick, especially when we break up into small groups ~

~ The kids had to write a story about things they see in their everyday lives.  This little girl had spent the day before throwing up in the garbage can.  The next day she was fine and thought it would be a good thing to write about.  I love how the little drawing of her looks so desperate.  But who's the girl in with a feather in her cap?! ~

~ I wanted some of the girls who are always in after-care to use some of that time for reading and decided they could start a little "reading club".  I made them membership cards that they'll decorate and then laminate.  Some say it's their favorite part of the day. ~

~ I will not argue.  I will smile more.  I will work on my math.  I will be more patient. ~

A Valentine's card from one little boy to another little girl:
~ I hope you always have a wonderful time for your whole entire life ~

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christina said...

oh this was a really great way to start the week. thanks for sharing this sweetness.

Christine--RHP said...



you so lucky! you get this kind of sweetness built into your job.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

My heart just grew reading these! Children just astound me with their goodness, their honesty, their hopefulness. Thank you for bringing these to us.

I hope you always have a wonderful time for your whole entire life!

kjlakritz said...

I will work on my math