Monday, April 26, 2010


I've been slightly obsessed with people's homes and the things they choose to decorate with to adorn their abode.   I remember clearly, being in my early 20's in England and going to a friend's grandparent's sprawling home. I asked a million and two questions about each and every piece that they so lovingly displayed.   The grandfather was clearly proud of his collections and knew the story behind each and every piece and relished the re-tell.  It was my friend's father, an Englishman who thought he was royalty descended, that pooh-poohed my obsessive interest and brushed it off as nosy-american-ism.   I've remembered that incident to this day, but now it makes me laugh.  It's true, I do push it when I enter a new person's home.  I'm instantly drawn to their shelves, or the pillows on their couch, the paintings in their kitchen, and the shower curtain in their bathroom.  It's a level of interest that is only matched by my interest in the occupants themselves.

When I walked into Kate and Saif's apartment for the first time, that overwhelming curiosity and undeniable love for great design come flooding to the surface.

I could barely introduce myself to them and their friends before I was caught up in Kate's art on the walls, and the record collection, and the furniture, and the way it all created such a beautiful scene!   

I instantly asked if I could photograph their place for my new favorite little side show:   First Girl At The Party.   This apartment seemed like the entire reason I started First Girl:  to fulfill that nosy-american-ism in me and to highlight the design genius of others to the public.  I'm a huuuuuuge appreciator of people's home- design ability and since I can never settle on the design of my own apartment, it gets the brain waves flowing when I see a bit of brilliance in others.

Kate and Saif were both terribly good-natured about the whole thing (beginning with me snooping around their entire home!) and even helpful in pointing out some hidden gems.  Much of the artwork that adorns the walls is Kate herself.   I owe them a big 'thanks' for letting me snoop, shoot, and sigh.

You can see soooo much more juiciness if you head over to  First Girl At The Party and even more on the ole Flickr site.


Christine--RHP said...

Miss Molly, how did I not know about this????? I love it! I will be back to visit FGATP, know why? Cuz I'm just like you. I even make old folks get out the photo albums after we've gone thru the house.
and my own house is kinda lamely decorated....I guess I live vicariously....

btw--is that Rolston's place (Jon) second one down? groovy!

Mi Piace Kate Design said...

thanks so much molly! Your pictures are so fun, and you are too kind! Lets plan a work-date, maybe east bay creative reuse depot?