Tuesday, April 13, 2010

have you ever....?

I have this funny little kids book, old-school, maybe from the 40's, called "Have You Ever Seen?"  And it lists the strangest little things:  a monkey at the front door?  a rabbit playing bongos?  Tries to play them off as somewhat real.  One of them is "have you ever seen...an insect fly?" or something along those lines.  Anyway, it turns out to be a caterpillar that one of the little girls has picked up and that turns into a butterfly.
The whole thing that made me think of it are these:  Have you ever seen a spectacularly blue and brown striped caterpillar?

I never had.  We thought these things were, at first glance, little spider pods.  But got a much closer look and saw the brilliant stripes.  And the tiny little legs.  Tons of them per silk pod.
Call:  Caterpillars!

and all their frass to go along with it.

of course desert caterpillars would be this beautiful!

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