Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I don't work for Pedigree...

but if I did, I'd hope I'd come up with these beautiful ads.

I don't think I've ever cried at a dog commercial before.  Ever.  And last night, not only did I cry at this commercial, I went in search of many, many more like them.

Stella-Marie has changed our lives. We do things we never thought we would:  sleep on the bed? heck yeah!;  pick up as many poops as she lays down, all the while whooping "good girl!";  take a bath together, not even minding a water spattered bathroom at the end;  balancing her on my lap while I'm typing.  She's really all we talk about anymore:  to each other, to other people.  We tell story after story of all the cute things she does.  We get up at 3am if she needs to go out.  We hang out with dog park people.  And we miss her terribly when we're not with her!

Though I don't know that she missed us while we were gone this past week...she was really very happy in her temporary home, hanging out with Emmylou ...

Yeah.  Perfectly happy and relaxed without us. 

But she, for us, is the living end.  I've never heard RK giggle so hard as when she's licking his neck to get his attention.  And I can just get weepy looking at her while she sleeps in my lap.  Her two front feet  stick out straight, she lays on her back and she looks like she's dreaming of heaven.

And though I always knew we'd get a rescued-doggie, if we ever got a dog at all (which, for me, up until the moment I saw Stella, was not really an idea I danced with), and while I've always had a great respect and love for all animals, I had no idea that Stella's mere presence (let alone her story of near-miss demise in a shelter) would move me so deeply.  So much so that I'm posting dog food commercials because they tell the tale of left off dogs and they totally stand behind shelter adoptions. And somebody needs to.


om said...

I feel just the same way about our puglet :) even hubs, a self sworn not a dog man will welcome her on the couch...

Ellen Zachos said...

I can't wait till we can adopt a shelter dog. (The first commercial is my favorite.) M and I have talked about it for years, but until we live in one place...

paige said...

Oh, I laughed out loud at your admittance to posting dog commercials.

I am so happy you found the love of a great dog.

And it is even better that you get to share that love with RK.

Arann and I are in love too.

I haven't brought myself to watch the commercials yet, because I cry at even the cartoon posters for animal shelters that are hanging up in the bus stations right now.

When I watch the commercials, it is over.

paige said...

Oh man, I did it. I watched them.

And it is over.

The last one was too much.

As a kid, my mom thought it would be a good bonding activity if we went to the local shelter to look at the dogs.

I bawled the entire time... kind of like now. I am the sucker they are advertising to.