Saturday, February 20, 2010


I found these beautiful green paper border mats that are all hand drawn.  A crazy amount of work to keep lines straight and details perfect.  I only have two of them but decided to use them both right away so I don't wallow in their preciousness for too long.  I'm trying to use juicy stuff as it comes in because I find it makes room for more juicy stuff... or, at least I keep telling myself that.


And I'm still living in the details.  The tiny, tiny details that most people won't see.  In particular the sewed stitches in the back of this piece below, 'say what you will'.

I love the way the string looks tied up and how the paper is broken through.  And I get so much joy from aging things.  When I'm making a piece, I really feel like I'm back in time, I'm another person.  The more gook and handmade effort, the better.

There are so many new pieces I want to make, I would have to move into the studio and not come up for air for quite awhile.  But, knowing me, I'll try to squeeze as much in as possible in whatever time I've got.

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Karafina said...

i love the little details... can't wait to see what you create!