Thursday, February 18, 2010

jonque, krámy, Gerümpel, avanzo, junco

Been digging lately and finding some juicy things.  My sisters, mom and I did a flea weekend.  Three straight days of thrift stores and flea markets.  Before that, I got some goodies at the Dump.  Since then, I hit up cash & carry at the SF Gift show.

The way some are for clothes or shoes, I am for 'junk' that only looks like treasure to me.

the string is so fantastic.  just a beautiful texture.  and bleached out in parts.  one of the best things i got.
can't go wrong with a tiny chinese/english dictionary... and, oh beautiful paper cutter, i've waited for you for so long...

the photos have been winners, as well.
i was at the vintage paper show a few weeks ago and met a guy who also collects photos.  we happened to sit down at a huge box of 25c. photos at the same time and both of us graciously offered the other to go first.  it's a hard thing to do, you never know what's in those boxes.  he found me later and asked me what kind of photos i collect.  anytime the conversation is about old photos, other people's photos, i'm game.

me:  i have no idea what kind of photos i collect.  anything that moves me somehow, i guess.
him:  can i see?

I showed him the 20 or so I'd grabbed at first instinct.

him: oh yeah, i see.  you collect photos that are kind of melancholy, a lonely sense, most of the photos are of one person, strange, quirky.

I'd never thought of it that way.  I looked at them again.  I always thought the photos I picked up had a lot to do with relationships, sending out some kind of message.  But, really, he appeared to be right.  And then proceeded to show me some of his 'best' photos that he carried with him in a little black book. *

him:  i collect these strange little moments in time, relationships, quirky and strange, like yours.

We talked a little longer about snaps' in general and some good finds in particular and away we went.

i love this shot.  it actually came out of the little baby boy's baby book.  i found the whole book at the dump.  amazing shots.  but the big sis never looks too happy, poor thing.  I think she'd rather be off playing with the other little girls  (one of the best parts of this shot). The one's over her shoulders...
over her left shoulder...
(i love how it looks like that one is squealing with laughter and the ruffle of her skirt is highlighted)

and over her right...

*only in the writing of this did i end up looking up the man i met at the show.  he'd written his name down and book he said i could 'find all over amazon', but i just never looked it up until now.
turns out, robert e. jackson, does more than just collect photos.... he's one of the country’s premier snapshot collectors. and this book and the snapshots contained within have been all over the U.S. in galleries and museums.
i guess i shoulda know it was serious when he pulled out the little black book.


Ellen Zachos said...

My parents are moving in March and my mother was going to throw away her baby book! Can you BELIEVE it? I grabbed it and it's now in the drawer with my own. I'll leave them to you in my will. You're already getting the blue art pottery.

Anonymous said...

Just received the box Molly - love it - and the pink silk cord is the besht! Thanks for all the goodies - now I guess I have to start crafting! K.

kaari Meng said...

that's me up there - sorry forgot to fill in the required fields!

Anonymous said...

kaari...we knew you by the besht!!!! mom